PHOENIX is a specialized outfit dealing in Personal Empowerment - based on a unique program of Protection Training & Success Education. Its founder and president, Gordon C Cooper, is a highly qualified and experienced protector, teacher, and mentor. As author, professional speaker, and facilititor, he conducts seminars, retreats, and mentorship programs around the globe. He has a military, martial arts, and training background. 



The intervention by PHOENIX had a huge impact on my business! During the financial year of 2008 we barely made ends meet in our multi-million dollar business. Things started changing in December 2008, one month after the intervention began, where we had a record Used Car sales month. In April of 2009 we made best net profits in 26 months, and are still improving daily! This is a way of life. Our society can only benefit from THE CODE.

Koetoe Botha - Ford dealership of the year!