"Most people believe fate rules their lives; but any human being, in the right frame of mind, can make things happen"

Personal Empowerment is a state of mind that acts, both defensively and offensively

  • Defensive, in that it protects a person from being affected negatively by conditions
  • Offensive, in that it exerts influence and makes things happen!

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  • Regressive behavior in acute crisis situations
  • Leaves responsibility to 'the professionals'
  • Lack of self-sufficiency 
  • Being dependent 
  • Leads to psychological, social, and mental health problems 


  • Overcome powerlessness & lack of influence
  • Recognize & use their resources & chances 
  • Exercise personal responsibility
  • From defect to strength oriented perception 
  • Control circumstances, exercise power, and achieve goals
  • Master & maximize one's quality of life
  • Overcome obstacles in life or work
  • Self-help vs passive, helpless victims
  • Respectable contributors to 'the economy'
  • Strengthened motivation & skill-set
  • Save in control costs by virtue of independent, self-motivated employees