PHOENIX promotes SCHOOL SAFETY & EMPOWERMENT in your State, and around the globe. Our services include FREE Educational's, School Safety & Empowerment Programs, Online Programs, Training & Coaching Services


  • Physical & Emotional Safety - for staff and students
  • Prevent and manage both internal and external safety threats - from bullying to school shootings
  • Empowerment through Safety Training




We partner with the school for up to 6 months. The Program is concept based, thus the details are tailored to your needs and requirements

  1. School staff trained in Personal Protection
    1. Be Safe - on the street, at home, at school, while traveling
    2. Feel Safe - school personnel unrestricted by fear
    3. Trained Protectors: when just a small percentage of school staff are trained in Personal Protection strategies, bullying and other safety threats in or to that school are reduced by more than 50%!!
  2. Safety & Bullying resources on the school website
    1. Teachers, students, parents, and the community can access world-class Empowerment, Safety & Bullying resources direct on the school website
    2. These resources – online programs, coaching, and training – will be available to your people at a discount. In addition, a percentage of all purchases go back to the school to offset the School Safety Program costs
    3. The school becomes a Safety & Empowerment Resource to its community
  3. School Safety Policy & Anti-Bullying System
    1. A proven Policy allows the System to govern safety issues, thus freeing school staff to focus on teaching
  4. Training of parents and students
    1. Talks and mini-workshops
    2. Parent meetings
  5. Consulting & Mentoring
    1. We are on call to consult with and mentor the school in special situations


  • Up to 6 month School Safety & Empowerment Program
  • To start the month of your choice


  • Your premises


  • Tailored monthly retainer fee
  • Includes staff training, putting safety & empowerment resources on the school website, school safety system, all talks and mentoring as required

Contact us for more information, to set up a FREE consultation or workshop, or to sign up your school!!