Ford Motor Company

The intervention by The Phoenix Foundation had a huge impact on my business! During the financial year of 2008 we barely made ends meet in our multi-million dollar business. Things started changing in December 2008, one month after the intervention began, where we had a record Used Car sales month. In April of 2009 we made best net profits in 26 months and are still improving daily...! This is a way of life... our society can only benefit from THE CODE!

Koetoe Botha - Owner of Ford Dealerships SA 


The SANDF (South African National Defence Force) - Department Justice - South Africa 

The Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) Exhibition is the largest exhibition of air, sea and land capabilities on the African continent. In support of this event, VIP Protection must be provided to all visiting guests from abroad as guests of the Minister of Defence. As the National Defence Force VIP Close Protection Coordinator, I was tasked with scheduling a weeks training to confirm the VIP Close Protectors skills and abilities. The Phoenix Foundation was contacted to do a day’s Close Quarter Combat training with the members. Focus was given to self defence techniques, the use of hand guns, knifes and battens during attacks and defence, some newly proofed close quarter combat and protection techniques were also presented and shared with the members. This was done so professionally and effectively that Gordon was asked to present this training to the members that attended the VIP Close Protection Course presented twice a year at the Air Force Gymnasium, the custodian of the VIP training in the Defence Force. Gordon was also approached to present a similar course to the VIP Close Protection members used during the AAD Exhibition 2016


ABSA Bank AIMS (ABSA Investment Management Services)

Gordon introduced The Phoenix Foundation Business Excellence and Leadership Training programs to AIMS. The professional and caring behavior together with weekly educational newsletters and professional coaching sessions over a 24 month period enabled the company to develop excellence on ground level and thereby facilitated tremendous growth. The tools which the program provided the leaders enabled them to deal with issues inhibiting performance in their teams and to achieve a focus among team members in reaching a common goal

LEON STOOP - Sales support, advisor channel - ABSA insurance & financial advisors 


Aurecon provides engineering, management, and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients globally. With an office network extending across 27 countries, we seek to foster human achievement in all aspects of work. Accordingly, Gordon has assisted our employees with Protection and Empowerment training on several occasions. He is someone we highly recommend be used by other companies 

TUTU MALINGA - BBBEE & CSI Program Manager 

CMH - Combined Motor Holdings 

Thank you for the amazing “firewalk” teambuilding event.  We all really did enjoy it tremendously and would recommend your company and this activity to all our colleagues and business partners.

Kowie de Bruyn, Elma & CMF Team

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Thanks a million for your help Gordon. As always it was incredibly informative and enlightening. The previous piece I interviewed you for (the one about common mistakes that ‘nice girls’ make that endanger their lives) was well-received by my editors. I received a personal email from Cosmo editor Sbu Mpungose to say ‘well done’! I look forward to working with you again in continuing our efforts to keep our readers safe and to empower them to be their own defenders

Thandanani - Features writer Cosmopolitan SA

Sausage Saloons

David is so happy with what you did and he said that you far exceeded our expectations. Everyone was raving about the fire walk at the dinner and it created such an awesome vibe. We have been getting emails all morning about the fire walk and the conference, it was a huge success. I really believe that you got through to the franchisees and we only hope to build on everything from here on in. Thank you so much for the experience.

Claire - Personal Assistant to the CEO


Thank your for assistance with the Auditor conference. The Code Talk and Teambuild was a “big hit”, and I felt compelled to provide you with feedback. As one of the largest chain stores in the country, we bring in people like yourself to “raise the bar” and build our people and organization. Your intervention was different – a notch above the rest. I have received the same response from other divisions within the group. The feedback I received; is that after your session with them they were rejuvenated and motivated and have continued till this day on that note! Such long-term affect is rare in our business. Skills are easy to pass on, attitudes aren’t, and yet 80% of good business lies in attitude”. Your program has impacted our business at its core, resulting in improved team work and team spirit, better service levels, and ultimately enhanced our business proposition. We look forward to a prosperous long-term relationship with you and your team, and know you will touch many lives as you have ours.

Lee O'Reilly - Senior Learning Consultant, Corporate Services Learning Department

BMG - Bearing Man Group

The Directors and Management of Bearing Man Ltd would like to thank you for the phenomenal teambuilding event that you facilitated at our annual conference held in the Drakensberg. We felt the interaction and camaraderie that developed during the event was extremely beneficial to our organisation and we are grateful for your involvement in assisting us to move into a “FIRED UP” era

Charmagne Nel - Customer Relationship Manager


I head up an Anti-Piracy broadcasting department with focus on investigating, arresting and prosecuting all persons and companies engaging in piracy on the African continent. Staff within my department come from various military and law enforcement backgrounds, and operate in 47 African countries. We face huge challenges daily, working in some of the most dangerous countries and circumstances anywhere. To ensure my staff are up to speed with latest protection techniques, I employed the services of Gordon Cooper, a Personal Security expert of “The Phoenix Foundation”, to train my staff in “Threat Avoidance and Elimination”. His training methodology is most unique in that individuals undergo specialized adrenal stress training through actual scenario based exercises. We were also trained in hand to hand combat, weapons disarming, and the use of a specialized “Personal Protection Spray” he developed. The results were overwhelming! We did not only focus on the physical, but were also empowered mentally. Being in the right mind-set is key when we execute our duties and the Firewalk metaphor helped all understand that the biggest threat is internal. This training was a great morale and confidence booster for my entire team, and a rite of passage into ways of doing our work more effectively and safely. I can confirm that the training has indeed assisted me and my entire team in dealing more effectively with serious life threatening encounters with criminal elements. I strongly recommend Gordon’s training to any enforcement agencies as we are living proof of post-training benefits and success

Frikkie Jonker - General Manager - Africa Piracy  MultiChoice Africa Limited